About EABM

About EABM

A European organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation.

Our mission is to unite European and Israeli members of the various medical specialties with this common purpose.

For the protocols, please visit the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

We envision optimal care in Breastfeeding Medicine in Europe and Israel.

Physician education

Expansion of knowledge

Exchange of information



  • Advancing the achievement of global breastfeeding objectives based on the latest scientific standards.

  • Improving the quality of care in Breastfeeding Medicine for both parents and their children.
  • Undertaking all-encompassing initiatives aligned with the above goals.


  • Promoting education on Breastfeeding Medicine

  • Developing regional research on Breastfeeding Medicine topics

  • Representing the medical community in political and legislative issues concerning breastfeeding and lactation

  • Supporting physicians across Europe with questions in the field of breastfeeding medicine

  • Building a network of physicians in Breastfeeding Medicine in Europe


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Board of directors

EABM is led by a group of voluntary working physicians of varying specialties from different European countries. The Board meets once every month online and at least once a year physically. Each board member has a specific function.

The board decides matters of policy, direction, strategy, and governance of the organization. The current EABM president is Mónica Pina.

  • Picture of Monica Pina, president of EABM

    EABM President

    MD, Internist

    Mónica Pina

    I have a passion for sharing knowledge, especially on subjects that involve both my internal medicine training and breastfeeding medicine.

  • EABM Treasurer

    MD, Pediatrician

    Reet Raukas

    I am a member of Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine since 2010. I have counseled breastfeeding parents and lectured breastfeeding to health care workers.

  • EABM Secretary

    MD, General Practitioner

    Sarah Brennan

    General practitioner (or family doctor) with special interest in women's health and breastfeeding medicine and Lecturer (or assistant professor) with University of Galway's Medical schoo

  • EABM Board Member

    MD, Family Doctor

    Michal Mansovsky

    I practice BF Medicine in the north district of Israel and teach breastfeeding to physicians and health care workers all over Israel.

  • EABM Board Member ICT

    MD, Family Doctor in training

    Lara Tauritz Bakker

    Through EABM, I hope we can connect many more doctors who are interested in breastfeeding medicine and increase research in this fascinating field.




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