Presidential Address: Dr Pina’s Full Message

Picture of Monica Pina, president of EABM

Dear members,

As the new president of the EABM, I want to wish you, on the behalf of our Association, prosperity, creativity and peace.

Breastfeeding under the threat of violence and loss is extremely difficult. Be it under terrorist attacks, hit by missiles, under a rain of bombing drones, suffering the death of people in your family. In such times it is hard to live without fear, and concentrate on giving the best start in life to children. This state of things creates pain and wounds that last for generations.

So, at EABM, we will try our best to keep improving breastfeeding practices in European countries and Israel and articulate those efforts with similarly oriented associations. For that to happen, we need you, because you are the people who make EABM live and thrive. One of the ways you can join the activity is through our working committees. In our newsletters, members of the committees will present their goals and projects. I invite you to join any committee that interests you.

“And peace is a special wish for our world, as it is so necessary for breastfeeding to thrive”

You can also invite other physicians to join us, so we can all share our experiences and organize our intervention in our respective countries and in the European community and Israel to create a region which will never forget mothers, babies, families and their well being, no matter the political moment we may live in.

After our successful European conference in Split, Croatia, in 2023, we are already preparing for the next conference, which will be held in Tallin, Estonia, in 2025. We hope to meet you there. In addition, we are planning webinars throughout the year, where we can discuss scientific topics of interest for physicians aware of the importance of breastfeeding.

In the meantime, anything you wish to share with us, be it suggestions or questions, please feel free to write us at

Embracing this new role of president is an honor. I promise I will be the best president I can. And I count on you all to help me!

Dr Mónica Pina, internist