Two different clinical cases will be presented step-by-step. You will be welcome to participate with suggestions and questions as they arise. Each case will have a duration of 30 minutes.

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Dr. An Eerdekens: Breastfeeding in preterm babies

About 10% of babies are born preterm. For these infants, in addition to the known benefits, human milk has a number of additional therapeutic effects. However, it is challenging to achieve successful lactation in this population because of several reasons, both in the preterm mother-child dyad, and because of the context of the neonatal intensive care unit. This case discussion demonstrates the complexity of lactation in the neonatal intensive care unit and allows discussion on how to optimise care around lactation in the preterme mother-child dyad.

Dr. Carmela Baeza: ENT pathology in exclusively breastfed infant

In this clinical case, we will study a 5 month old infant whose parents consulted with the breastfeeding medicine specialist for slow weight gain. The advice they had received from their pediatrician was to offer the baby formula to assure an adequate weight gain.
We will see the importance of the observation of a feed and positioning at the breast to obtain invaluable clinical information, and thinking beyond the weight gain to come to a good diagnosis.